ARDC International Trade

ARDC was born in 2008, founded by experienced professionals in international logistics, specialized in customs and special regimes – so the company can offer all practical knowledge needed for the best foreign trade projects.

ARDC's mission is to provide technical assistance in clearance of import and export cargo, providing several integrated logistics services and performing all monitoring from start to finish – that is, a full door-to-door service.

We perform all administrative and operational procedures of international trade, and our work is always based on commitment, ethics and efficiency of our team.

We closely monitor each international trade process, thus ensuring the best solutions and the highest level of customer satisfaction.


ARDC represents importers, exporters, national and international transport companies and warehouses in all instances before official government agencies.
Our services include customs, fiscal, tax and logistical procedures of international trade, such as issuing documents, customs clearance, commodity classification, payment of taxes and quoting and hiring transport, among others.
This means that our customers get several advantages in cost savings. Not only they do not need to be present in customs clearance, they also do not have to invest in hiring and maintaining a team specialized in foreign trade procedures.
ARDC speeds, solves and provides secure solutions for all import and export projects. Learn about our services and contact us!


The experience in international trade of ADC's founders is the differentiator for the company to develop projects according to the needs of each costumer, providing door-to-door solutions with guaranteed personalized service.
This is the company's goal: to be a partner committed to the success of its clients.

Alex Viezer
Customs broker. Graduate degree in international business by UNIVALI – Universidade do Vale do Itajaí. Degree in international business by UNERJ – Centro Universitário de Jaraguá do Sul. Operates in international trade since 1996. Contact:

Rafael L. Silva
Customs broker. Degree in international business by UNOPAR – Universidade do Norte do Paraná. Operates in international trade since 1999. Contact:

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